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Everyone can learn how to yodel

Austria's first “Yodel Hiking Trail” is located in Wald-Königsleiten, on the Gerlospass, and can be reached via Zillertal or Salzachtal.

Hiking between eight interactive stations – such as a massive, walk-in cowbell, and the largest alpine horn in Europe – you’ll hear audio recordings of simple yodels, which can be easily copied. First, you'll hear the entire yodel; then the 1st and 2nd voices that make up the traditional songs performed separately. Sing whichever voice you prefer, belting away to the hills.

The Yodel trail connects you from the top station of the village’s cable car, via Larmachalm, back to Königsleiten, and can be visited by anyone for free.

Opening hours
Varies based on the cable car's operating hours (tel. 06564 8212).

Since the trail is located 2,000 meters above sea level, please bring along good shoes and warm clothes.